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we create musical fluency.

You already know how much learning and growing happens within the first few years of your child's life. So many neuron connections are created!  Every child is born with the ability to understand music, yet there is a limited period of time that you can increase the capacity to make music for a whole lifetime.


It all starts by simply singing to them. We make it simple.

How does a child learn to speak? Through immersion, modeling, babbling, and eventually they speak in full sentences. How does a child learn "to music"? Through the same process!

Your child can become musically fluent.

Musical fluency is the ability to think, create, and understand music easily and  accurately.  Our Music Play class is the most effective and simple way to nurture your child's musical foundation.



What does class look like?

Musical immersion and sequential activities built on routines that are predictable for your child. We begin and end every class with our hello / goodbye song. During class we explore movement, singing / tonal patterns, rhythm and beat, instruments, and more. Scarves, streamers, parachute, bubbles, bean bags, and shaky eggs create a consistently rich and diverse sensory diet for your little one.  

Best of all, YOU get intentional time to connect with your little one. Singing is one of the most intimate ways to connect mama and child. Worried about your voice? Your child isn't! I am here to support you and empower you along the way.  All you need to do is show up.

In-person class sizes are small for families to connect with each other, adults and children alike!

Our 8-week Winter Session starts in January and we can't wait for our Music Play about snow, hot chocolate, winter animals and all things cozy.


Interested in Music Play classes and want to know more?  

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