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Caitlyn Waruszewski

Owner and Teacher


Caitlyn has over a decade of experience teaching music to young children. She has taught various programs including Kindermusik and Making Music Praying Twice. Caitlyn became fascinated with Music Learning Theory, the explanation for how we learn when we learn music,  after hearing babies and toddlers match pitch before they could talk. 

Music Learning Theory (MLT) affirmed her teaching experiences: Children learn music like they learn language. When you immerse children in their language from a very young age, they eventually can speak it and think in that language. When you immerse children into music from a very young age, they, too, can audiate, the ability to think and understand music.

"Through audiation students are able to draw greater meaning from the music they listen to, perform, improvise, and compose."  -

Caitlyn, her husband and three children live in Kennedy Township, PA. She started The Musical Connection because she could not find a local class guided by Music Learning Theory principles. The Musical Connection's classes will equip your child to understand music for a lifetime.


Caitlyn believes that moms can change the world... just by singing to their children!



The Musical Connection is a home studio conveniently located in Kennedy Township, PA. Only 5 minutes off of the I-79 Moon Run/Crafton exit and 10 minutes from Robinson Town Center.

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